Code of Conduct

Le Reset is a feminist hackerspace. It is participatory and open to everyone, whatever be their age, identities and gender expression, ethnicity, sexual and romantic orientations, handicap, appearance, capability, race, religion, economic status, technological choices, level of expertise and knowledge…

To make this place enjoyable and welcoming to everyone, here are some principles that we ask you to follow. Anyone making remarks or behaving against this code of conduct can be excluded, at the discretion of the team.

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Respect the participants, their experiences, and their varying opinion.

Respect the physical and emotional boundaries of the people in your surroundings, whatever your intentions are. This implies changing your behavior if a person informs you you’re making them uncomfortable.

Be mindful of the space you occupy, question your privileges and prejudices.

Show solidarity with people in your surroundings, but do not prevent someone from defending themselves as they wish. Intervening in someone’s stead is not always doing them a favor.

Do not ask personal question if you have not been invited to do so.

Do not reveal any personal information about them (outing, nicknames…).

Do not use the words “queer”, “fags”, or “crazy” as insults : these are words some people use to define themselves.

Do not endanger the place. This includes not taking part in any illegal activity and respecting the neighborhood.

Respect the team’s decision to organize some events for a limited and defined category of people.

If the reasons seem questionable to you, please contact us before the event so that we can discuss it.

Do not smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or do drugs inside the hackerspace.

Do not record or photograph any element easily identifiable without consent. This includes tattoos, computer screens, large angles…

Do not use this hackerspace as study field for your research and articles. Le Reset is not a zoo.